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Values & Mission

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  • Get – It – Done Attitude. We are like detectives scouring through paperwork and other information to find solutions to our client’s issues.
  • High Quality Client Experience. We want to make sure we highlight our clients by doing the best we can so their clients have a great experience.
  • Diplomacy. We strive to solve the problem even through conflict, and we focus on this with our clients and within our team!
  • Always assume the best. With ourselves, our team and our clients. We try our best to put ourselves in each others shoes, giving grace and remembering that everyone goes through stuff and our clients are sometimes going through one of the most stressful times of their lives!
  • ABL – Always Be Learning. None of us know everything. We are consistently creating opportunities for our team and our clients to learn and grow together!


Enrich closing experience for buyers, sellers and agents – ALL clients. Our goal is to provide a reliable closing experience.


  1. Receive the Contract and Earnest Money Deposit
    • Send wiring instructions or EMD app information
    • Set up the file in our system, Qualia
    • Client receives invite to Qualias secure porta
      • !!! SUPER IMPORTANT for security and privacy. !!!
    • Qualia automatically requests information from all parties
  2. Order the Title Search and gather information
    • Order Payoff statements, municipal lean search, surveys and HOA estoppels
    • Gather any additional personal information the clients did not provide in Qualia
  3. We review, send out and clear the Title
    • Communicating with all parties for additional items needed to clear title
    • All parties receive copy of title commitment for review to proceed
    • Prepare Title closing documents
  4. Continued follow up with the lender
    • Verify the lender will meet the closing deadline
    • Balancing closing disclosuer
    • Obtain loan documents from lender
    • Schedule closing time with all parties
  5. Provide final closing statement to all parties
    • Send wiring instructions by secure email or qualia portal to the buyer
    • Buyer wires funds PRIOR to closing date
    • All parties prepare for closing by bringing photo identification.
    • Buyers prepare for closing by bringing wire confirmation receipt
    • Sellers prepare for closing by bringing wire instructions for clos
  6. Close!
  7. Sending copies of closing documents to all parties

Guarantee: We will never be the reason a transaction does not close.

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